Saturday, July 30, 2005

Miscarriage Projects in the Pipeline

I should be writing my book about blogging but am currently all blogged out.

Update on miscarriage projects:

1. Just sent the miscarriage handbook proposal to a great contact at Rodale Publishing in hopes that they might see the value of such a book and recognize that there is a tremendous market out there. Just noticed they published a book What If I Have a C-Section?: How to Prepare, How to Decide, How to Recover Quickly by Rita Rubin in 2004. The miscarriage book is a natural fit, and I just happen to have been corresponding with Rita who is also a health writer at USA Today. I'm emailing her today about collaborating on the miscarriage book. Fingers crossed!

2. The book about blogging is taking over my life. Will start logging Babyfruit TV version again next week.

The big question is: Will I have the TV version ready for prime time by the end of August with a book deadline looming overhead? I want to submit it to the Anchorage International Film Festival but the deadline is Sept 1.

Where are my superhero powers when I need them?